Path down oppose World Heritage

From khaosod newspaper January 5,2011

January 3, at the Govt House The PM Mr.Abhisit Vejjajiva to give an interview to the administration policy international relationship between Thailand and Combodia,the main goal is not want to see tension between two countries the Thailand proposed that the trouble do not let that World Heritage was a problem. He has met Combodian we will find responsible to talk about with each other.To avaid the crux of the conflict World Heritage which Mr.Sok Roeun deputy PM The foreign Ministry to the office of Combodian to will meet with Mr.Suwit,KhunKitti Minister of Nutural Resources and Environment in this January.

Apbisit said, we expected at least progess I do not want to trouble the World Heritage Committee meeting in June of this tension and he would not to meet with Hun Sen PM of Combodia in this time but to meet conference in the ASEAN.

The Deputy PM of security section Suthep Thaugsuban said, to the Combudia that government is not consideration that the Commission postoned with the committee frontiers (JBC) out to several time that the Combudia had explained to understand in this during,Mr.Ouk San Deputy PM of Combudia will come to meet and consult with Mr.Suwit, KhunKitti in the World Heritage issues was unfinished.He has to talk with Mr. Sok An in the border trouble becuase of the problem have nothing better than to talk together.


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