Folding Bata

1.Fold in half the paper square a paper
2.Fold in half again.
3.Open up the paper then press for smooth
4.It's like that picture
5.Hold the then turn back
6.Another side make like 3 step
7.Fold the paper follow dash line then open up
8.Hold at corner of the paper and open up
9.Then make pack and press for smooth
10.Hold for reverse
11.This part, make like 8 step
12.Fold the paper follow dash line both sides.
13.Fold down to front part.
14.Fold down to front part.
15.Hold the paper turn for change direction.

16.Hold in the middle of paper then fold to back part.
17.Hold 2 side of hand for move over up a little.
18.Fold the legs down by step.
19.And the last one, draw eyes to this Bata then finish.

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