Noun Clause

Noun Clause

A noun clause that functions like a noun in a sentence, but the meaning is not complete in itself, it has to be connected to the main meaning of a sentence is Noun Clause. And beginning with question words such as how, what, which, where, why, who, whom, whose, and usually starts with “that” in a sentence.


The bulletin states that English courses require a laboratory period.
The teacher explained how the sentences are formed.

Function of the Noun Clause

1. A noun clause can be a subject of a verb

What Billy did shocked his friends.
What he did is really strange.
Your word is not important.

2. A noun clause can be an object of a verb

Tom wants to know where the student cafeteria is.
I have forgotten what the teacher told me.
Billy’s friends didn’t know that he couldn’t swim.

3. A noun clause can be an object of a preposition.

Mary is not responsible for what Billy did.
We only laughed at what she said.
She is ignorant of what her son did.

4. A noun clause can be a complete sentence.

This is how I made my cake.
The fact is that she is poor.

5. A noun clause can be a complex of nouns or pronouns.

The news that you heard isn’t true.
It is unfortunate that you don’t get the scholarship.

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